Necessity or whim?



Today’s world has its own rules. We live in a reality in which the community from the top is focused on consumption, ie the purchase of goods and services for their use, and therefore consumption. The word came to us in blood, and some people are convinced that life can and should be consumed. But not everyone is of the opinion that, well, there are still such people.

Apparently unable to distinguish the word “need” and “craving” and “appetite” of “hunger”. Consumer credit was established so that the client could afford to buy something, which is not itself able to afford now, but what he needs to live. Unfortunately, there is a sad belief that consumer credit is incurred is to meet which can not cater to the desire to have. We have more and more and more we want to have. It is never us well enough that it could not be better, because we spend someone else’s money, which is, in my opinion, shameful.

You can not spend money that you do not have – it is irrational. The market is, however, the method of development which are not fully acceptable by us. It is difficult, so it is and quickly to this change. Money, like alcohol, are wise people. Those who decide to take a loan to alcohol, do not belong to the wise. I have to admit with undisguised sadness. Each financial service was invented precisely to help people in difficult situations. Gaining both sides of this operation, but for foolish people, this profit is only an illusion of real benefit.

Consumer loans are becoming increasingly popular – only in Poland since the beginning of this year, hundreds of thousands of Poles have entered into loan agreements. What proportion of them will be reasonably released? Hard to say. The answer we get from the statistics solvency credit Poles. Statistics will appear at the end of the year. Just wait to be able to give judgment on unsubstantiated ongoing financial practices of our dear countrymen.

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