Loans – Eyes wide open

Deciding on the conclusion of the credit agreement, we should consider all the pros and cons of such a transaction. Should we apply strict rules by we should proceed. This – a kind of insurance – will allow us to avoid unnecessary problems, the more that after all no problem is desired … The first overarching point that you need to realize is the choice of taking out a loan.

We should take out a loan in a trustworthy institution and command others. The game does not include private financial firms. Reality shows that, in most cases, they follow lichwiarskimi methods of acquiring a customer, a credit agreement does not contain a basic, mandatory required documents. In every contract of consumer credit, and any other type of loan should be a party to the contract should be specified subject of the loan, or benefit, or service, to which we dedicate the money is, amounts collected by the interest, the conditions under which you can try to to change the way the loan and the repayment provision.

Please note that the credit agreement is our only evidence in the case of application to court. If the agreement bears our signature, it means nothing less than that he fully acquainted with the conditions of the loan and accepted them. In this case, we can challenge the contract only on the formal side. If the justice is satisfied that the agreement is constructed in a manner inconsistent with the law, or lack of, for example, a particular method of securing the loan, then the court can rule on the invalidity of the contract.

All these problems can be avoided by carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract. In case of any inconsistencies, we are not obliged to sign a contract. The greatest trust should bestow already checked the banks, which the brand can not afford to usurious scams, which frequently fall victim unaware of the regulations, customers agencies.

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