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  • You have heard about them and have seen ads on the internet, perhaps even listened to radio ads or television spots about this financial product. What am I talking about? Payday loans, also known as cash advance loans or short term emergency loans. What exactly is this type of loan and should you ever take one out?
  • Keep reading and we’ll explore the upsides and downsides of this type of personal loan. Consumer loan choices are many as well as varied. Typical consumer loans include mortgages, car loans, even student loans. Today, short term emergency loans are popular and are the number one choice for some consumers who are in a bind.
  • The typical term for a emergency loan is seven to fourteen days with some lenders offering terms as long as thirty days.These lenders are splashed across the internet where they encourage people desiring a quick fix to apply for these loans online. If you apply for a short term emergency loans you will:Be able to apply for your loan online and receive approval and the funds as soon as one hour.
  • Have a checking account where the funds will be deposited. In most cases lenders want to know that you are employed and you will be asked to provide your social security number. –Be charged a flat fee for every one hundred dollars borrowed. If you borrow $500 expect that you will owe between $50 to $150 in fees at the end of the term plus the funds you borrowed. —
  • In many cases you will be given the opportunity to extend your loan term 1 to 3 additional times for additional fees and charges. Short term emergency loans can be used for: –Payment of an outstanding utility bill. –Groceries, drug store supplies, you name it.
  • Of course the interest rate you pay is very high translating into 300% or more over the term of the loan. Not many consumers realize it and fail to factor in the large amount of monies that must be turned back in to the lender at the end of the loan term.
  • Is a short term emergency loan right for you? As long as you understand what you are getting and what you must pay back at the end of the term, it could be an option for you especially if every other door has been shut on you. Jeff is the owner of Homeowner Loan Guide one of the Uk’s leading secured loan quote providers. If you are searching for that low rate on a secured loan then visit our site today for a free no obligation quote. We provide great rates that compate to leading lenders like Abey National.

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