Loan for unemployed



Yes, there really is such a thing as a loan for the unemployed . This is a special type of loan that does not require certification of a credit, earnings or possession of other loans. Such a loan for unemployed is often called credit not having biku or credit “proof”.

This is true, because the credit for the unemployed requires only bring ID card so in most cases enough to be an adult and have a report. If you do not meet even such basic conditions – there is any chance of a loan. The loan for the unemployed is one of the most liberal loans, but repayment installments system is so inflated that you need to quickly get a job, to keep all appointments.

It is not exaggerated to say that in case of any delay banks are willing to immediate reminders of intimidation before the courts inclusive. They do it faster and more frequently than with normal loans, knowing that such loans take most people in a very difficult financial situation, and therefore uncertain.

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