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Borrow money from a bank or try to seek out an investor and you will soon discover what the word “restrictions” really means. The money you obtain from other sources will always have tight stipulations on it that can tie your company’s proverbial arms behind its back.

But, what happens when you “borrow” money from yourself? When a business cash advance is sought out, the entire picture can change. A small business cash advance can give you the funding flexibility you need without the stipulations, accountability requirements or hassles. You won’t have to specify every single use to obtain funding. You also won’t have to request “permission” to use money for different things if the need arises.

So, what makes a cash advance so different from unsecured small business loans? The major difference is in the source of funding. Rather than involve banking or lending institutions like bad credit business loans might, cash advances are nothing more than advanced payments on your own future earnings. This essentially stops it from being a loan of “someone else’s” money and turns the funding in your own property you can use as you see fit.

To obtain a business cash advance that can climb into the six-figure range, all you need to do is prove a few things. You’ll need to have a proven track record in business, for example. You will also need to have a steady monthly earnings rate from credit card payments. This will not only serve to prove income, but also come in handy with direct repayment.

Once a small business cash advance is obtained, the money is yours to use as you see fit. This means you can do such things with it as:

Cushion a bank account – If the need for cash is just to build emergency reserves, you can do that.

Fund purchases – Any purchase that might be required can be funded all or in part by a cash advance once the funding is in hand.

Pay for expansions – Since a business cash advance can have a rather high funding limit, it is even feasible to use one of these for brick and mortar expansions.

A business cash advance gives you the flexibility you require. There’s no need to have to justify how every penny is spent and where when this option for funding is selected.

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